Martín La Roche Contreras

The following analysis is intended to give a general idea of the contents of the museum in a classified form. It is based on catalogues in WEB and many of the figures are provisional. It must be emphasised that such an analysis bears no relation to the user’s attitude to this collection which is personal and empirical, little concerned with chronological classification and still less with balanced representation. It is thought, however, that this summary may be a useful guide to the present reader in search of specific material.

Martín La Roche Contreras

Born in Santiago Chile (1988), is a visual artist from Santiago de Chile who lives in Amsterdam. He studied Visual Arts at the University of Chile and completed a postgraduate program at the Jan Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, the Netherlands. His works often find their starting points from existing collections of objects, archives as modes of storytelling which he reassembles into installations, performances or publications. The Mondriaan Fonds supports his practice with a grant for the next four years (2021-2024).

Musée Légitime
Good Neighbour
To see the inability to see

Muro Sur

Past : Magic Box, Printed Matter Special Collections window installation at Printed Matter St. Marks, New York

Current: Departure as Arrival, a duo exhibition with Emine Gündüz at Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam.


Jogo de bicho, 2016

Image of Jogo de bicho

Coleçao nordeste #7, 2016

Image of Coleçao nordeste #7

Coleçao nordeste #1, 2016

Image of Coleçao nordeste #1

The aubergine and the **, 2016

Image of The aubergine and the **

Café Palermo, 2017

Image of Café Palermo

Ch’akkôri #AB

Image of Ch’akkôri #AB

Chaekkori Muro Sur #1, 2017

Image of Chaekkori Muro Sur #1

Chaekkori Muro Sur #2, 2017

Image of Chaekkori Muro Sur #2

#18 large edible fish, 2017

Image of #18 large edible fish

#6 Larger than life, 2018

Image of #6 Larger than life

#5 Pentateuch, 2018

Image of #5 Pentateuch

KCH #1 (YouTube session), 2018-2019

Image of KCH #1 (YouTube session)

KCH #2 (Sirens), 2018-2019

Image of KCH #2 (Sirens)